The Clement Canopy Project Details

Welcome to The Clement Canopy.
A living, breathing home.

Everything, Starting With Nature.


To live deliberately. To play senselessly. To love ceaselessly. To grow freely. To have essentially. Home, naturally.

To live deliberately
To understand nature is to understand life. Nature provides space for reflection and meditation. A way to gain perspective and personal introspection.

A green greeting
Let nature welcome you. She’s dressed in every shape and shade of green.

The Clement Canopy Main Lobby

Flowing with life
Water is life. Soft and soulful, ebbing and flowing.

The Clement Canopy Aerial View Of Pool

Nurtured by nature
The landscape of The Clement Canopy takes its inspiration from nature. Imagine walking through a lush green forest. Some of the canopies even rise above the architecture. The experience is immersive and fills the senses.

The Clement Canopy Landscaping With Pool

Nature has the ability to bring us back to ourselves.
In nature, we relax. The Clement Canopy is a home within nature. The landscape lets home-dwellers discover nature’s facets. Light and shadow. Day and night. Water and earth. Here, human and nature live side by side.

The Clement Canopy Worm View Of Tower Blocks

To play senselessly
When was the last time you played with water? Laughed like a child? Where we are can bring out our most natural selves.

A blue escape
See how nature shapes the surroundings. Take a swim among the canopy. Relax by the poolside and let the gentle sounds of rustling leaves take you away.

The Clement Canopy Lap Pool

Nature all round
Undulating river beds and rising trees frame the Canopy Lounge, where you can enjoy a different experience of the lush canopy.

Canopy Dining
The private dining deck gives a view of nature, while you entertain your guests in comfort. Host a party, invite a few close friends for a cosy get-together, watch the waters reflect the skies.

The Clement Canopy Private Dining Deck

Thoughtfully designed facilities bring the family closer together, by taking the home beyond its walls. The landscape becomes your playground and sanctuary. Various pools, fitness and wellness spaces, play areas for children, and a host of other exceptional features interweave in and out of nature to make The Clement Canopy a place to call home.

The Clement Canopy Water Feature

Gathering memories
Dine while enjoying the outdoors. Kids have ample space to seek out their little adventures, while grown-ups share stories over wine.

The Clement Canopy BBQ Area

To love ceaselessly
Because memories are made of moments. And moments happen when we find ourselves in places that let us be.

Living well
The living and dining spaces have an open plan that gives greater flexibility and practicality.

The Clement Canopy Living Room

A private sanctuary
A range of unit types caters to families, couples, and individuals alike.

The Clement Canopy Bedroom

Home smart home
Stay connected to your home with technology. Smart home features let you enjoy everyday conveniences that sync to your lifestyle.

Just as we inhabit spaces, spaces inhabit us. Our spaces shape our relationships, how we interact with one another, and even the way we spend time by ourselves. Find your space for reading a book, catching up with your loved ones, or watching your precious little baby take his first step.

To grow freely
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our surroundings, just like our home, can give us the space to explore and grow?

Panoramic Views
Imagine waking up to views of the distant horizon, or coming home to a sunset sky, casting a golden hue over the ocean. Despite Singapore being an island, homes that boast sea views are rare and highly prized, and for good reason.

All-round learning and living at Kent Ridge & Clementi
Renowned schools and institutions are all around The Clement Canopy, from primary to secondary to tertiary levels, including the National University of Singapore, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, INSEAD Asia, and Nan Hua High School.

A mature estate, Clementi itself packs a hive of lifestyle options. One never has to go far to enjoy a night out with friends, or a laid-back Sunday afternoon.

To the south, one-north, Holland Village & Rochester Within
Within minutes’ drive from The Clement Canopy, one-north is a hub for biomedical sciences, infocomm technology, media, physical sciences and engineering. Just about a microcosm of the new world, one-north presents a universe of opportunity, and best of all, just a stone’s throw from Clementi.

Charming and trendy enclaves, Holland Village and Rochester are ideal for a delectable weekend brunch. Watch the world go by over a cup of latte, or take a stroll along leafy pathways. The nearby Wessex estate, with its black and white colonial houses, also makes for a great day out with the whole family.

Next Stop, Jurong
Jurong Lake District is primed to become Singapore’s next CBD. And because it’s just one MRT stop away from Clementi MRT, residents at The Clement Canopy can truly enjoy the best of both worlds — the tranquility of home and the bustle of an exciting next-century commercial hub.

To have essentially
It is the details of how we live that make us different.